Our ministries...

Below is a list of ministry opportunities within Moran Park. Participating in these ministries is a great way to develop a deeper relationship with God, those around you, and our community. It's also a great way to grow in being a disciple that makes disciples. 

  • Prayer

    As a church, we take seriously the fact that God calls His church to pray. We offer several opportunities to pray as a body throughout the week. To submit a prayer request, click here

    Sunday Morning Prayer | Every Sunday, 9:00-9:30

    This meeting's sole purpose is to intentionally cover the Sunday morning service in prayer, seek the Lord's heart for the morning, as well as covering the morning's teacher in prayer. Meet us in the center office space.

    Noon Prayer | Every Wednesday, 12:15-12:45

    Join us on your lunch break as we contend for the heart of Moran Park Church.  This time is spent in a bit of worship, followed by seeking the Lord for more hunger, thirst and a heart of repentance over the church. Meet us in the center office space.  

    Missionary Prayer | 1st Sunday of the Month, 11:45-12:45

    Join us to pray over the missionaries that we have sent out, or those who are being sent out soon.  Meet us in the center office space.  

  • Prophetic Ministry

    We believe the purpose of the gift of prophecy is to encourage, edify and comfort the body as we do the work of the Kingdom. For many years, Moran Park Church has incorporated prayer and ministry times into our Sunday services. Now, we have an extended time of individual prophetic ministry after the Central Gathering. Our hope and prayer is that God will deeply and powerfully reveal His heart to His children in these times of ministry.  

    We will be ministering once a month, following the Central Gathering

    To register for March 2020: Click here

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    For any further questions, please email Staci Wykes at

  • Everyone has been equipped by God in some way to serve the body. Everyone has strengths that need to be utilized and struggles that need to be cared for. We pair gifts, skills, and resources that people are willing to share with needs that arise within our church family. Let's share life together and let our love for Jesus be known by our love for one another.

    If you have a story about navigating a difficult chapter in your life, a professional skill, or things that you will be willing to share, please let us know. If you need a professional skill, particular items, or the support of someone who has been through a similar season, let us know.

    Do you have something or need something you want to share?  click here to fill-out the online form.

    With questions, email

Ministry Partners

  • Network 1:27

    Network 1:27 is a group designed to support current foster/adoptive families. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6:30 to 8:00 in the church basement. We offer free childcare for the kids! 

    With questions or to get plugged in, email Kathy Andrlik at

  • 70x7 Life recovery  |

    70x7 Life Recovery exists to restore dignity, purpose, and hope to those in the recovery community.  70x7 helps people who are reentering society after a life of incarceration, or individuals seeking help to find freedom from a life of drugs, alcohol, or other addictive habits.  

    All of this happens in the context of relationships.  If you would like to help at 70x7 Life recovery contact Shutaveya Ward at 616-582-2014.