Online Giving

You can securely give a one time gift or recurring gift by clicking on the link below.  Below, you will find instructions on how to give, and answers to questions people frequently ask. 

Ways to Give

1) Sunday Offering: Normal Sunday offering buckets are passed during the service. There are also two metal drop boxes -- one in the cafe and one in the back of the auditorium.

2) Electronic Giving: You may set up a weekly (every Tuesday) or monthly (the 5th of the month) bank draft from either a checking or a savings account. Click here to download the form to set-up this option; return to a drop box at Moran Park.

3) Online Giving: Click the link above to give online from a checking account, savings account, or credit card.

4) Text to give: Text the dollar amount you want to give to 84321. 

Frequently asked questions

How safe is electronic giving?

It is safer than writing a check or carrying cash to church.  Secure services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC.  Vanco processes electronic donations for thousands of churches and nonprofit organizations.

Who will see my information?

The only person who will see your information is our finance coordinator.  She will only be able to see your name and the amount you gave.  She will not be able to see any of your bank information.

How does online giving work?

No matter which method you use, you will be asked to select a payment method [debit card, bank account, etc.], start date, frequency and contribution amount.  On the date [s] scheduled, gifts will be processed and deposited into the church bank account.

Can I set up reoccurring gifts?

Yes.  You can have your gift given every month on the same day or set up recurring weekly gifts.

When will my gift be processed?

Your gift will be processed each month on the day you authorize.

What can I use to show I made a donation?

Your bank or credit card statement can be used as proof of your gift.

What if I need to cancel or temporary place my donation on hold?

You can contact our finance coordinator [] and she will be able to help.  Or you can login to your account and manage your recurring payment.

Does it cost the church to give online?

Yes.  It cost the church 2.75% + 45 cents for each credit card/debit card transaction.  For every e-check, checking, or savings account transaction it cost the church 45 cents.  This cost is worth it so we can remove any barrier to you being obedient to give what the Lord has put on your heart to give.