What is a house church?

A house church is a spiritual family made up of usually 4-12 people who love God, love others, and make disciples together with Jesus in their midst as king. It is the place where people can function as the church together and do everything the church is supposed to do. 

What do you do in a house church?

Typically, a house church starts out by checking-in from the previous week and praying for each other. Then they read and discuss Scripture together, followed by praying about and discussing how they are going to obey and share what they have learned in the Bible. 

As a house church grows together they add all the other things a church does -- communion, meeting each others' needs, everyone using their gifts, worship, etc. We have a structure that many find helpful and choose to use to keep them on-track.

How do I get into a house church?

The best way is to attend one of our monthly house church orientations. There you will have a chance to ask questions, learn more about house churches, and get connected. 

Monthly house church orientations times and locations can be found on our calendar. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, send us an email at 

We would love to hear from you!

How is a house church different from a small group?

We desire each house church to do everything the church is called to do. This doesn't happen right away, but over time we want you to get to experience the fullness of being the church together. 

Typically, a small group does part of what the church does (community, study the Bible, etc.), but not everything. Often in a small group there is a leader who does most of the work and the others don't get to use their gifts. 

A house church is a place where everyone is spurred on to be an everyday disciple of Jesus individually and together.