Starter group FAQ's

Can I bring my kids?

These five week starter groups are limited to individuals who are post-high school.  House churches for middle and high school students are available through student ministry (  If your group decides to include children after the five weeks we can help you with how to do that.  


What will we do in a house church?

We will teach you a simple format that helps you connect with each other, read the Word, apply it, and share it with others. 

What if I don’t like this house church thing?

At the end of five weeks you can decide if you want to continue with the group of not.  We do ask that you give it a fair shot and commit to all five weeks.  


How am I put into a group?

After you sign up we will prayerfully place in you a group.  We will try our best to match you with people who live near you, as after the initial first five weeks meeting in the church, we would want you to meet in your own homes.  


Can I choose who I am in a group with?

Yes.  There is a place in the registration form to include who you would like to be in a group with.  We will try our best to accommodate those requests. 

What happens after the five week starter?

You can choose to continue with your group, or be done.  If you choose to keep meeting, we will continue to train you in additional aspects of house church.