Becoming a part of God's family means becoming a part of God's mission. Here are some ways that God has uniquely called Moran Park to partner with Him in His mission throughout the world.  

  • Hoogeveen family

    -Puerto Rico-

    John and Jennifer Hoogeveen have been working with the people of Puerto Rico for the last few years.  They have been back in West Michigan for the past year preparing to return.  They head back in November to continue the work of making disciples and starting simple churches.   Stay tuned for more ways to support and partner with them here.  

  • sidlauskas family

    -South Africa-

    The Sidlauskas family (Mike, Carolynn, Lucas, Amelia, James, and Titus) are long-time attendees of Moran Park Church. Several years ago, they started to feel the stir to be global missionaries. After getting their feet wet with several trips with Moran Park to our sister church in Haiti, they attended an Iris Harvest School in Africa in 2014. Upon completion of the school and return to Holland, they quickly discerned they were being called by God back to South Africa. In a complete act of faith, the whole crew packed-up and moved to Robertson, SA in March of 2015. They have been serving there ever since. Read their newsletter here.

    You can keep up with their work here.

    If you are interested in financially supporting their family on mission in SA, here are some ways to do so:

    Online: Scroll-down to "Iris Missionary" and select Mike & Carolynn, number M410. Be sure to select either a one-time donation of a monthly recurring gift and the amount. Follow the steps to complete the transaction. Iris will send tax-deductible contribution receipts to each donor at the end of the year.

    If you are interested in donating by standard mail and check, make checks or money order to: Iris Global PO Box 493995 Redding, CA 96049-3995. 

    Be sure to include a note saying who or what you would like the gift to contribute towards. You will need to note "Mike Sidlauskas - Robertson, SA" on the memo line.

  • Missions Team Support Application

    If you are going on a short or long term mission trip and would like to request prayer support, etc. from Moran Park's Mission Team please fill out the application here.