From the Office

  • Meet Todd Whiteman!

    Todd Whiteman is the husband of Lisa, they have been married for 21 years. They have 4 children. Hannah (19) is a sophomore at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois. Sophie (16) is a junior at Holland High School. Noah (14) is a freshman at Holland High. And Eva is in the 7th grade at Holland’s West K-7.

    Todd is a 1995 graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University (Taylor sucks, Britton) with degrees in
    Economics and Management. Todd is employed as the Executive Director at Disability Network/Lakeshore, a human services organization serving Ottawa and Allegan Counties. He is finishing a second term as a Councilman for the City of Holland. He is looking forward to a break from political service beginning November 8, 2017.

    Todd and Lisa have been involved at Moran Park since near inception when their family of 6 represented roughly 13.33 percent of the congregation. Think video teaching (before MP had real live pastors).

  • Britton's Sabbatical

    I made the announcement a months ago that the elders are giving me the gift of a sabbatical this summer.  A sabbatical comes from the Old Testament idea of a Sabbath where the land was given a rest every seven years.  I have been at Moran Park for over seven years and the elders felt like it was time to give me a sabbatical.  A sabbatical is a time of renewal.  It is not a vacation but a break from the normal day to day work to focus on other things that the Lord is cultivating in me.  It will be a time of reading, reflection, rest, and refocus.  Nothing is wrong and I’m not burned out but this sabbatical will give me time to be refreshed for this next season of ministry at Moran Park.  I’m excited for you to be challenged and encouraged by Dave as well as some friends from a variety of different ministries who will be preaching this summer. 


  • Intentional with Those in Need

    A few months ago we presented a need to the church for back to school supplies and clothes for families at the Family Hope Center (family mission).  You all went above and beyond what the mission could have imagined.  You didn't buy cheap backpacks but high quality ones that will last all year.  Genuine friendships have formed out of this event with families from Moran Park who live at the Mission and families from Moran Park who don't.  We want to continue to provide opportunities for these kinds of relationships to form. The desire has been stirring on the heart of a few people at Moran Park.  They are wanting to seek the Lord to see what he would have us do as a church family about this. If you have a stirring in your heart to make disciples and build relationships with the individuals at Holland Rescue Mission or any of our other ministry partners visit our page here or email Kylie here.

  • Prayer Resource - Examen

    Do you ever feel dead in your life of prayer? Have you ever not known how to sense the presence and workings of God in your day to day life? We want to provide a resource to help you out in this endeavor.

    The prayer of Examen is one that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is a guided prayer that helps us slow down and reflect at the end of a day to discover where the loving hand of the Father has been at work. The attached sheet has a long  list of questions on it, questions which are to be thought of as scaffolding for prayer rather than the structure itself. We encourage you to engage with the Lord through this style of prayer so that we may become more aware of who God has made us to be and what He is calling us to do in this world.

    Click here for a printable prayer sheet.