This module is very much for those out in the field, doing the work.  This training will deal with common specific issues that tend to come up as disciples are out loving God, loving others, and making disciples. 

Training Topics

  • Four Fields - Understand how to enter different fields, and how it effects how you sow
  • Healing - Gain confidence in how to pray for the sick
  • Prayer Walking - Learn how to enter a new field
  • People of Peace - Learn how to spot a person who is ready to hear the gospel
  • Deliverance - Learn basics of deliverance ministry, as well as the reality of spiritual warfare
  • Prophecy - Learn how to hear from the Lord for others' encouragement and edification

Before Training You Should...

Listening, obeying and sharing what you hear from the Lord.  Module One and Two are recommended first, but not required.

After Training You Will...

Understand how to go into a new field, follow the Holy Spirit, pray for people and disciple others. 

This course will begin in Spring, 2018.