Accessible prophecy training

October 6 & 13  6:30-8PM

In this two-part training, we hope to help you better lean into hearing the voice of God, in order to better understand his heart for you and others.  The gift of prophecy is promised to be poured out, and according to the apostle Paul, is to be desired eagerly.  We want to help you discover how and when God talks to you, what to do about it, and the joy of using this gift in your every day life.  We will cover lots of scripture, as well as have lots of practice. This workshop is designed for anyone - beginner or experienced - who would like to grow in their understanding and experience of hearing God's voice and of the prophetic ministry.  You can sign up to join us, or email for any specific course questions.   

Training Leader:  Staci Wykes

This course is currently running and full.  We will offer registration again in the near future!  Thanks!