Discipleship fundamentals, Module ONE: mAKING A DISCIPLE

There is a lot of talk about being a disciple but what does that mean? How do we practically follow Jesus? This course will be highly interactive with practical tools for each concept, completely usable for a new believer or someone following Jesus for 50 years. This is not a course for just gaining more knowledge – you will not only be learning, but holding one another accountable to doing what you’ve heard and passing it on.

Training Topics

  • Understand Your Role – Understand your role and responsibility as a disciple of Jesus
  • Tell your story - Most know their testimony, but aren't sure how to sum it up, what part to tell, or how to do it quickly in conversation.  You will learn to look for opportunities, how to share effectively, quickly, and how/what the person listening needs to hear.  You will be given tools to pass on to teach others to effectively tell their story as well.
  • Tell God's story - We know we're saved and living for Jesus, but do we know how to defend the hope we have?   We will teach you a tool to easily and approachably share God's story with anyone, regardless of their current understanding of the Good News.
  • Baptism - In the Great Commission, we are called to make disciples and baptize them.  We will teach you how, when, and what this looks like as a disciple of Jesus.
  • Tools for multiplication - Learn practical tools that are not only easy to remember but easy to pass on to other people as well.  We will look at the biblical foundations of both learning and passing on what the Lord has entrusted you with.
  • Intimacy with God – Learn to have confidence in listening for the voice of our God and learn how to test to know it is Him.   Learn how to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, that both cries out and listens for a response and direction from Him.
  • Self Feeding – No longer will you need to rely on others to feed you for your spiritual health and growth. You will be given tools to become a self-feeder in how to read the Bible, pray,  as well as understand the importance of spiritual family and what Biblical church life is.

Before Training You Should...

A disciple should bring a willingness to implement and try out new material, as well as a hunger to know more of Christ-likeness in their life. There are no other prerequisites for this class.

After Training You Will Understand..

  • How to hear the voice of God
  • The simplicity of applying what God says
  • The joy of immediate, radical obedience
  • Effective ways to share your story and God’s story
  • Practical ways to multiply disciples
  • How to read the Bible and pray to gain intimacy with the Lord

Course Trainers:  Neal Karsten, Britton Smith, Staci Wykes, as well as past Discipleship Fundamentals graduates.

Any additional questions, please email staci@moranpark.org