From time to time we will have information and resources that will go  with the messages that are shared on a Sunday.  These resources are for your benefit and to help you live the life Jesus wants you to live. 


September 17 we started reading the Psalms together as a church family in order to praise and worship God, grow in our intimacy with Him, and discover how God is revealing Himself to us.

Week of 11/12: Psalm 27 - Read this psalm this week.

Need a suggestion?

Read it with your kids, your spouse, your friends and/or in quiet reflection on your own. Read it several times or read small sections of it at a time. Discover what the text says about God and how His voice is coming through to you. Praise and thank God for who He is.

Week of 11/5: Psalm 25

Week of 10/29: Psalm 23 (again)

Week of 10/22: Psalm 23

Week of 10/15: Psalm 148

Week of 10/8: Psalm 147

Week of 10/1: Psalm 146

Week of 9/24: Psalm 145

Week of 9/17:  Psalm 138

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the Spirit can be confusing so we have put together a paper of the gifts of the Spirit.  For a description of all the gifts of the Spirit, the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit, and answers to questions people commonly have about the gifts of the Spirit, click here.

sexual addiction Resources

Web Filters and Accountability:

XXX Church

Men Struggling with Sexual Addictions:

Women's Support Group for husbands struggling with sexual addictions:

Dotti Caldwell: email her here or call her at 616.846.1051 Ext. 3

College Students struggling with sexual addictions:

Women email Renewed here.

Men email Uprooted here.

Education and Help:

Fight the New Drug - visit website here.

For further help or info email:

Britton or Dave

Marriage Resources

Counseling Resources:

Family Life - Weekend to Remember - visit their website here.

      Upcoming Weekends: Grand Rapids - February 24-26, 2017

                                         Kalamazoo - March 31- April 2, 2017

Winning At Home - visit their website here.
      There is a
Premarital Event coming up on February 18.

      Here is one of their books called Two to One: One-Minute Reflections for Couples.

Bridges to Life Ministries - Strengthen Your Marriage 12 Week Study - link here.

Untangled Counseling - visit their website here.